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Antony Micallef - Pulling Sophie the Versace Girl -Limited edition Screen Print Will

£1,000.00 / Sold Out

This is a rare chance to own what is known to be Antony Micallef's first Limited edition print publication. Pulling Sophie the Versace Girl was published in November 2004 By Dead Teen. It predates EyeStorm editions by over a year.

It was one of four works produced for a project entitled "Hurry Before You Die" and uniquely features a legally binding will on the reverse of the print. If you're brave, or famous (!) enough just fill in the detials and you can leave what you want to whom ever you choose.

The edition is of 40, and is numbered. It is a single colour hand -pulled screen print on heavy weight art paper and measures 25x19 inches.

We have 3 of these only.